as you probably gathered from the home page (and the very red and very flamey text), my name is ashley scott.

as for who I am? i'm just a fella who has a lot of interests that cover a lot of niche things. my latest "fixation" is whittling, and im 100% planning on buying a knife and wood for it. these fixations usually don't last long, maybe 3-4 months, but it feels fulfilling to me to jump from one hobby to another.
i DO have a lot of long-lasting fixations, though. the biggest one linguistics, which you'll probably hear a lot of on both this blog and my spacehey. particularly, i LOVE the process of language creation and conlanging. it's a very complicated subject but VERY satisfying, in my opinion. i've created the bones of a few conlangs, but nothing that i can really communicate with. im hoping to make an actual language soon though.
i also am interested in modded minecraft, writing, worldbuilding, poetry, pixel art, and a LOT more. if any of this sounds interesting you to, you can contact me either on my spacehey or shoot me an email at

Why Neocities?

i've always had a particular disdain for social media. it started with TikTok and how it encourages infinite scrolling. i made the decision to make a Neocities because of the absolute clown that is Elon Musk and his decision to buy twitter. Along with that, I love the customization you can do. It's really only paralleled with Tumblr and Spacehey, and none of the super major social media sites seem to want to try it. Maybe I'll make a whole blogpost someday, but for now, this is it.